The Colorado Bluegrass Music Society [CBMS] promotes and supports the development, performance, and preservation of bluegrass music in the communities of Colorado.

CBMS supports a vigorous social network among its members, and represents a powerful voice as well as an information resource for bluegrass music through its web site, its print newsletter and its support of music festivals, concerts, jams, educational programs, and partnerships.

The Society serves as an educational resource regarding the history of bluegrass music and works to sustain its future by sponsoring bluegrass events, providing timely information about bluegrass activities around the state of Colorado, and regularly publishing the newsletter "Pow'r Pickin'" that delivers informative and interesting content related to bluegrass to our members.

CBMS is sponsors a bluegrass concert series called "Bluegrass at the Audi", held in the very comfortable and acoustically excellent Broomfield Auditorium.  These concerts are a great way to experience high-quality live bluegrass music.


What is bluegrass music?

"Bluegrass" is a genre of American music that has its roots in traditional Irish, Scottish, English, and other northern European foundations.  It is generally performed on acoustic instruments such as the fiddle [violin], guitar, banjo, mandolin, and string bass and often includes sung vocal narratives.

So-called "traditional" bluegrass as popularized by Bill Monroe consists of folk songs and instrumental tunes, often with individual musicians taking turns playing "leads" or "breaks" over simple chord progressions and rhythmic patterns played by the others in the ensemble.  

"Progressive" bluegrass musicians have introduced the use of electric instruments and non-traditional musical genres and forms.

Bluegrass music has developed and diversified around the world and continues to evolve and exchange influences with other cultures, musical styles, and instruments.


Bluegrass jam at Oskar blues in Lyons - one of the longest-running bluegrass jams in colorado.

Bluegrass jam at Oskar blues in Lyons - one of the longest-running bluegrass jams in colorado.

Bluegrass music, like jazz and rock-and-roll, is especially amenable to "jamming", where ad-hoc assemblages of instrumentalists and vocalists take turns playing or singing melodic themes ["leads" or "breaks"] or improvising over song forms ["verses" and "choruses"] and harmonic structures ["chord changes"] without strictly defined scores or arrangements.

Jams are a great way to exchange musical ideas, learn new musical skills, and socialize around the very inclusive nature of bluegrass music.  Take a look at the "Buck's Bluegrass Hotline" calendar to see the wide variety of jams regularly held in Colorado.

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