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The Colorado Bluegrass Music Society exists to serve the interests of bluegrass musicians, historians, and aficionados.

The Society's mission includes:

  • Promoting and supporting the development, performance, and preservation of bluegrass music in the communities of our state.

  • Serving as an educational resource as to the history of bluegrass music and working to sustain its future.

  • Providing timely information about events related to bluegrass music.

  • Publishing a regular newsletter that includes information related to the above objectives and purposes.

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If you are someone who'd like to help keep bluegrass music alive and healthy in Colorado, please consider supporting us through membership in the Society.  A portion of your membership is tax dedictible - CBMS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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Colorado Bluegrass Music Society
PO Box 22956
Denver, CO 80222-0956