Concert Review

Trout Steak Revival - Mishawaka Amphitheatre, July 7, 2018

By Natalie Gorak

Following an energetic 4th of July show in Salida, Trout Steak Revival hosted a Saturday night scorcher at The Mish filled with an eclectic mix of musicians.

Canyon Collected kicked things off and got every one grooving despite the heat. The five member band led the crowd through a series of original songs, many of which allowed for solos by all members at various points. Of special note was an instrumental song written by Tia Martini (ukulele) that highlighted their unique genre-blending style.

Gasoline Lollipops took the stage next, and although they were missing Kevin Matthews on drums, their Southern sound came across as strong as ever as they ushered the crowd into dusk.

Soon after, it was Trout Steak Revival’s turn to get the crowd moving their feet, and they did not disappoint! Spirited renditions of songs off of their well-received recent albums were interspersed with unique and extended jams featuring all members of the band. Of special note was a new, unreleased song “Home,” which highlighted their signature harmonies and Colorado pride for the home-state crowd.

The undisputed talent of each of Trout Steak Revival’s musicians was amplified as they melded their sounds together, weaving bits of bluegrass, folk and indie throughout the show. They showcased their ability to mix genres and sounds when they invited Donny Ambory (of Gasoline Lollipops) up on stage to play a few tunes on his electric guitar.

Trout Steak Revival’s increasing popularity over the past few years is well deserved, and their style invites fans of different genres into their circle. This high-octane performance showed glimpses of the greatness Trout Steak Revival has within and excited fans as they eagerly wait to see how the band might drive themselves to the next level. The night highlighted the beauty of the Colorado bluegrass scene; bands with unique styles and sounds can all play to the same crowd, and inspire them all dance the night away!